What is it like

working with us?

Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of driven individuals on challenging projects.

What is it like

working with us?

Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of driven individuals on challenging projects.

What is it like

working with us?

Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of driven individuals on challenging projects.

José is a world class designer with a strong product sense and incredible throughput.

Fredrik Haga

CEO of Dune

Working with José was super easy as he quickly understood the requirements and exceeded our expectations with the delivery. The process was smooth throughout as he adapted to our communication style. Loved the result and would definitely work with him again!

Mariana Machado

CMO at Leadzai

I had the pleasure of working with José on multiple projects, and his contributions were invaluable. José is a highly skilled designer with a great eye for aesthetics and a keen understanding of usability. His ability to internalize competing feedback from various sources and outputting the right design that accounted for all pain-points was remarkable. He consistently delivered updated deliverables at a high rate of speed, making him my preferred designer to collaborate with.

Rolando Alcantara

Head of UX at Amazon Payments

José consistently showcased exceptional productivity and delivered top-quality work. His ability to tackle complex UX challenges while seamlessly executing outstanding UI designs is truly remarkable. With his pleasant demeanour and collaborative nature, José is not only a highly skilled professional but also a joy to work with.

Bernat Fages

Product Lead at Dune

It’s an impressive piece of work, you shacked the team! You’re definitely who we needed.

Luca Mastrostefano

CEO at getCredible

José is one of the most talented person I have worked with. He has the ability to process ambiguous problems quickly, creatively solve for complex needs and requirements and bring delight to his solutions. He leads by example and brings a different perspective to the table by asking the difficult but needed questions. If you want to work with someone who not only has the skillsets but also an outstanding work ethic and attitude, José is your person.

Michele Wong

Director of Product and Tech at PwC Labs

I can say that he is one of the best Product Designers I have ever worked with. As a colleague he is very collaborative, committed, focused and fun to work with. José is attentive to details, proactive, focused on the best potential outcome for the product, available to understand development constrains without ever missing the end user perspective. He is an out of the box thinker, a curious mind, always looking to learn more and I can only say that hope I'll be able to work with him again.

Marta Fonseca

Director of Product at Appspace

José is a fantastic designer and teammate, I have no hesitation recommending him. He joined my former team in a standalone position at a time when design was more of an afterthought than anything else. He sat comfortably between tech and non technical teams, taking into account both perspectives while ultimately working to streamline the overall user experience. He's a fantastic communicator, always has the time to help his colleagues and was able to win over a team of fully remote engineers who had never worked with such a hands on designer in this context before. His work is clean, modern and elegant, and he'd be an asset to any product or project.

Katie Espinoza

Udemy’s People team

You are one of the best designers I’ve worked with. I would be more than happy to recommend you as a solid and experienced designer to anyone.

Rafal Bromirski

Lead Software Engineer at Glassnode

I really enjoyed working with José. He is a talented and dedicated designer and a great team player, which made my job as a frontend focused engineer a lot more meaningful and productive.José comes up with good UX solutions that fit the data models and the customer needs, and he also helped us improve the visual design of Dune.com on many fronts.What really sets him apart from most designers is the ability to create and build on a robust design system. This really boosted our delivery speed, as it enables us to mirror the Figma components in React, and implement every UI almost solely by combining those components.Lastly, whenever I had follow-up questions he was quick to elaborate on, extend or modify the design to make us more efficient as a team, always with a smile!

Arne Mæhlum

Software engineer at Dune

I've worked with José for almost 3 years at Rows. José solves complex challenges by deconstructing the issue and looking for the most simple, elegant and smooth solution, both in UI and UX. Deadlines are key to him and he works hard to meet everything he commits to. He's a team-player, not only by working closely with Software Engineers, Product Owners or other relevant functions, but also by investing his time in coaching and giving the spotlight to less experienced members of his team. José also proactively contributed to social gatherings, incentivizing the team to bond and participated actively in internal and external company events, fostering the company culture. It was a pleasure to work with José.

Vania Pinto Correia

Head of People at Translucent

To say that Jose is a creative and passionate problem solver is just too easy. His relentless focus on what is right for the customer challenged how we thought about problems that we faced, surfaced new and creative solutions that thought provoked and challenged industry standards - helping us to create a thoughtful and crafted customer experience.

Alan Conlan

Head of Product Design at Paddy Power

What stands out Jose is that he is great at collaboration, speed of execution and quality of delivery. After he joined the team the velocity and quality of features significantly improved and his work will have a lasting impact at Dune.

Philipp Wassibauer

Director of Engineering at Dune

José has really strong UI/UX intuition and is the perfect balance of opinionated on design and open to feedback. We collaborated often on designs and on customer calls during various parts of the product lifecycle, including the discovery phase and beta testing.

Akhila Raju

Product Lead at Tweed

You’re one of the best designers 
I've ever met, both professionally
and humanely.

Antonio Romano

Head of Engineering at Rebrandly

I had the opportunity to work with Jose for around one year and it's still one of the best professional experience I have ever had. What I think it's extremely rare and valuable about Jose - beside being great at building simple yet efficient UIs - it is his great ability to understand technical concerns, engineering principles and edge cases. As a software engineer I think this is typically one of the main pain points when dealing with UI/X designers but with him everything was frictionless: he was superfast in understanding and leveraging engineering feedback to both create new high quality UIs as well as iterating on existing ones. His analytical approach allows him to get into the shoes of business, product and tech mindset and find the best outcome. Last but not the least, he is very humble kind and professional, which makes it so easy and enjoyable working together.

Marco Gagliardi

Tech Lead at Glovo

Give him the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and he will get them done. José possesses a winning combination of solid design skills and business sense, I learned a great deal from him.

Ricardo Canastro

Founding Engineer at Arro

I was lucky enough to work with José in two different companies in the Design Team. We first worked together at Blip. I highlight his way of thinking when working out some complex features and his confidence when dealing with stakeholders. When then I moved to Rows, José was leading the team. His creative mind and high sense of detail stand out most. José always delivered crisp, clean and well-though solutions. He always brings an incredible energy (and sense of humor) and there is no such thing as being bored at work, when working closely with him.

Carlota Silva

Lead Designer at Rows

In such a short period of time, José managed to turn around some of the most complex projects we have had hanging for a while like Global CRUD Rules & Permissions, Blocks Redesign project, establishing a design system with Iker, Custom Forms 2.0, Setup Journey and so much more. We wouldn’t have been where we are today without him. I’m super thankful for José’s contribution, dedication and hard work.

Mariam Hakobyan

CEO at Softr

I really appreciate your work mate.
You are a great resource for the team because you deliver things with high quality and ready to production.

Gianni Fiore

CTO at Rebrandly

Some people leave a mark on us and José is certainly one of them. For about two years I saw him constantly surprising us with bigger, dumber jokes, raising spirits along the way. Empathic, but honest, José is a good listener, whether you’re needing encouragement or some honest feedback.But being an amazing person is not enough to do your job well and that’s where José really shines. Smart and bold, I think he’s up to any challenge. He’s also organized and likes to make every detail count.It was with no surprise that I saw him rise to a leading position, as he kept welcoming new people in the team with trust and accountability. He led by example, even when that meant delegating the exciting stuff or even taking responsibility for decisions that he really didn’t agree.This may look like a biased opinion, but it’s hard to be unbiased after meeting José.

Hugo Nogueira

Software engineer at Translucent

I had the opportunity to work with Josè a couple of years ago. He is hight quality Product Designer, with a strong problem-solving approach. He has fantastic hard and soft skills which make working with him with a real pleasure for anyone! He is a reliable and safe person, I hope to be able to work with him again soon! Thank you for all!

Marco Cante

Software Engineer at E80 Group

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©2024 Named after Brie, our Chief Barking Office.

©2024 Named after Brie, our Chief Barking Office.